Team Leaders

Team Leader Contacts

For Contactless Check-In and for Race Day Safety Checks each team will have one designated adult representative Team Leader.

Once a Team Leader has been chosen, please register here no later than Friday, April 16.

At Registration

The Team Leader alone will check all their team sailors in for the event and collect their safety tags and regatta gear using the TimeStation app. During registration hours, team boxes will be available for pick up by the Team Leader and data for all registered sailors from your team will be verified.

On Race Days

All sailors will secure their safety tags to their life jacket with the provided zip tie.

The Team Leader or their designee will use the TimeStation app to check sailors on and off the water each Race Day.

  • When sailors are on-shore, they should show “IN” (green)

  • When sailors are on the water, they should show "OUT" (red)

The TimeStation App

Download TimeStation App

Log in for Team Trials:

  • The username is:

  • The password is: sailfast

To enter the "ADMIN" settings in the app, reenter the password

In "ADMIN" you can enable the rear facing camera

Contact Karen McNamara with TimeStation questions at

Thank you, Team Leaders!