Welcome and Arrival

Welcome to Team Trials at LYC

Putting an uncertain year behind us and getting back to a great regatta is cause for celebration. Nonetheless, COVID-19 Precautions will remain in effect to make this a safe event. We ask that you keep these 4 principles in mind throughout your visit:

  • Masks: for the safety and respect of others and of our LYC members, please wear masks at all times and especially when indoors.

  • Distancing: maintain distance in everything and encourage all sailors to do so as well.

  • Sanitizing: you wash your hands, we’ll sanitize.

  • Outdoors: keep everything and everyone outdoors as much as possible.

Spectator Boat for Saturday 4/24 and Sunday 4/25

Sign up HERE for a very comfortable Saturday and Sunday spectator opportunity.

Arrival and Logistics

Check In and Team Leaders

For contactless event check in as well as safety check in/out each day, each team will have one designated adult representative Team Leader. The Team Leader alone will check all their team sailors in for the event and collect their regatta gear using the TimeStation app.

The Team Leader or their designee will also use the TimeStation app to check sailors on and off the water each day.

Login details and instructions for the TmeStation app will be available before the event.


Arrival Times

Sailors and guests are welcome to arrive anytime beginning Saturday, April 17. Guest trailers can arrive between 9 am and 6 pm on Sat 17, Sun 18, Tues 20, Wed 21 or by appointment outside those hours.

Car Parking

All guests are welcome to park in designated areas on club grounds, Since parking will be tight, consider ride sharing or carpooling when possible. Please respect the Member Only parking areas designated on the map near each pier and shed entrance.

Flag Registration for Coach and Spectator Boats

Coaches and Spectator Boats must register online HERE for Flags. Select ‘Register Now’, enter your first and last name, select ‘Non-Member’, and then ‘Register’ under the Coach Class. You will be asked to pay $1.00 to reserve a flag and a $25 hold will be placed on the credit card you provide. The card will only be charged should the flag not be returned. Please forward this to your coaches.

Flags will be available for pickup during check in.

Support Boats and Trailer Parking


Please register all trailers—Opti, RIB, Coach, or Spectator—in advance so we can manage parking and access.

Proof of insurance is required for all powerboats coming on to club grounds. You can email a snapshot or the document to LYC Harbor Administrator Cody Bartro at cbartro@lakewoodyachtclub.com

Trailers will park in an off-site lot directly across NASA Rd. 1 from LYC. Trailers can arrive between 9 am and 6 pm on Sat 17, Sun 18, Tues 20, Wed 21 or by appointment outside those hours. Email lycteamtrials@gmail.com

Map to Ramp Launch, Trailer Parking, Fuel Docks, and Clear Lake Channel

Launching and Berthing Support Boats

Lakewood Yacht Club has one boat ramp, however we encourage you to use the public ramp at Clear Lake Park which has two wide ramps and is just a short way up the lake. This will help keep launch traffic out of the way of Opti rigging.

During the event, all support and guest boats are welcome to tie up in designated areas in the LYC harbor.

Fuel Docks

The LYC fuel dock is diesel only, but these two fuel options are close by:

Optis, Dollies, and Launch

Dolly Teams

We are asking for some parent help on the Opti ramp with Dollies. LYC Opti dad alum Brad Anderson will lead the team. All are welcome on any day, but we’ll divide the task:

  • Thursday, April 22 - White Fleet

  • Friday, April 23 - Blue Fleet

  • Saturday, April 24 - Red Fleet

  • Sunday, April 25 - Gold Fleet

Opti Parking and Launch Groups

On-shore Opti parking assignments and launch groups are organized by team.


Annapolis YC - B-50 to B-52

BMRT - B-29 to B-31

California YC - C-61

CERT - B-32 to B-37

Clearwater CSC - C-63

Coconut Grove SC - C-64

Coral Reef YC - B-42 to B-47

Davis Island YSF - C-63

Del Rey YC - C-59, C-60

Fairhope YC - B-41

Fort Worth Boat Club - A-8

Houston YC - C-62

JK Sailing - B-48, B-49

Key Biscayne YC - B-53, B-54

Lakewood YC - A-1 to A-5

Lauderdale YC - C-65 to C-69

LISOT - A-9 to A-12

Miami YC - C-64

Norman Sailing - B-38 to B-40

Outfit Sailing - C-62

San Francisco YC - A-6, A-7

Sarasota YC / CERT - B-32 to B-37

Southern YC - C-55, C56

St. Petersburg YC - C-57, C-58

Team ASP - C-62

Where do I put my number and KO stickers??

Sticker Placement


Regatta Food and Events

Hungry sailors?

The LYC Poolside Grill and Upper Deck will be open for lunch on arrival and practice days. Credit cards will be accepted throughout the event. No need to set up a separate account or arrange reciprocals.

Poolside Grill and Upper Deck hours are from 11:00-3:00 on:

  • Saturday 4/17

  • Sunday 4/18

  • Tuesday 4/20

  • Wednesday 4/21

Lon Gundie Hot Snacks

Hot Snacks for competitors will be served under the Pavilion after racing each Race Day. Sponsored by Lon Gundie.

On-The-Go Lunches - Sign Up Deadline Friday, 4/16 at 11:00 p.m.

While lunches are not provided for sailors as part of registration, an On-The-Go lunch plan is available for sailors, coaches, parents, and guests for pre-order only. For $40, you get a simple sandwich, snack, and cookie all four Race Days, Thursday - Sunday. On-The-Go lunches will be ready for pick up under the Pavilion, grouped by club or team, prior to launch each Race Day.

BRIG Competitor Dinner and Age Out Awards

On Wednesday night, join us for the Outdoor Competitor Dinner sponsored by Brig and Age Out Awards.

The dinner is included for sailors.

Coaches, parents, and guests are welcome to purchase additional dinners for $25 at the dinner.

Our Upper Deck bar will be open for adults. This will be a fun, outdoor, socially distanced opportunity to enjoy LYC hospitality.

Water and Water Bottles

In non-COVID-19 years, we would provide water bottle refilling stations to reduce single-use bottle consumption. This year however, we ask that you bring your own water for filling water bottles. Stay hydrated, COVID-19 safe, and environmentally friendly all at once!

More at Lakewood

Parent Hospitality Room

The Parent Hospitality Room in the clubhouse Chart Room provides a space to unwind, recharge, and connect to WiFi. For COVID-19 safety, spacing and current guidance will be observed.

It will be open Tuesday 4/20 through Sunday 4/25 from 9:00-5:00.

Lakewood Ship’s Store

The LYC Ladies’ Association Ships Store is planning some special items and shopping opportunities just for Team Trials. Visit us in the clubhouse on Wednesday, April 21 to pre-order unique and customized mementos.

Tennis Anyone? Or Pickleball?

Lakewood YC tennis courts are available, so bring a racket. Opti Mom alumni Angie Momeier will have some matches planned while the sailors are racing. Check out lakewoodycsports.com for the schedule or private lessons.


Should the April weather invite swimming, the pool will be open but no lifeguard will be on duty.